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Who we are

University of Wisconsin

House Staff Association

Since the 1970’s, the University of Wisconsin House Staff Association (UWHA) has been the organization dedicated to representing all accredited residents and fellows in graduate medical education training programs at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. Today, we also offer affiliate membership status to Family Medicine residents to foster a department-wide sense of community among the residents and fellows.

Although independent, the UWHA works side-by-side with the hospital’s House Staff Affairs Office to provide job-related and educational information as well as benefits, perks and social outings to make the lives of the residents and fellows more manageable.

In addition to representing one’s department on the UWHA Board, the UWHA provides residents and fellows with non-clinical leadership opportunities as resident/fellows representatives on the Hospital’s Standing Committees. Through these committees, House Staff contribute to the hospital’s health care and administrative policies as well as ethical and educational standards. Accordingly, when an issue or concern arises that cannot be resolved within the individual training programs, with the exception of Family Medicine, the UWHA officers meet with members of the House Staff Affiars Office to discuss the problem and find a solution.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I become a member of UWHA?
A. You can complete this Membership form or send an email to to request a form by email.

Q. How much does it cost to be a UWHA member?
A. There is a $6 automatic payroll deduction each month. If you are a Family Medicine resident or are being paid through the School of Medicine and Public Health rather than the UW Hospital and Clinics, membership dues can be remitted on an annual basis either by personal check made out to “UWHA” (PO Box 45373 / Madison, WI 53744) or through PayPal to

Q. What do I get as a UWHA member?
A. You become part of an organization that negotiates benefits and policies with hospital administrators; a House Staff Lounge stocked with food every evening; financial support for resident/fellow sports teams and interest groups; informational seminars on topics such as financial planning, contract negotiations, work-life balance, and more; family events; monthly social events; and full access to the UWHA website (see below).

Q. I am not a resident or fellow but am a part of the UW community (nurse, attending, administrator). Can I still join?
A.  You may request an auxiliary membership payroll deduction form from and have all of the rights/benefits of a UWHA member. You may also join as a temporary member for six months ($36) and request that form from

Q. I am not a part of the UW community. Can I join UWHA?
A. You can join as a temporary member at six month increments for $36. You will have all the rights and benefits of a UWHA member.


UWHA Website
Q. How do I login on the UWHA website?
A. To login to the UWHA website for the first time, you’ll need to create a username and password. Under the “Information” tab at, click “Join Us”, then enter the requested information. Please note that creating a login is specific to accessing the website and has no relation to your UWHA membership status. If you have questions about accessing the UWHA website or would like to become a member, please contact us at

Q. What benefits do I get from the UWHA website?
A. All UWHA members have access to a referral list with over 200 names of local vendors, house/condo/apartment listings for sale or rent by outgoing residents and fellows, calendar of events, significant other society information, classified ad section, photo gallery, special events and special deals for House Staff, important links, and more.

Q. How can I find out about upcoming UWHA seminars and events?
A. Visit the Calendar tab at the website, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook. All residents/fellows are automatically subscribed to the UWHA listserv as well. If you are a resident/fellow spouse or SO and would like to join the UWHA listserv, email us at


Classifed Ads
Q. I’m already a member, and I want to post a Classified or Housing Ad. How do I do that?
A.  Send a request to

Q. I am not a UWHA member and would like to submit a Classified or Housing Ad on the UWHA website. Can I do that?
A. Yes. Classified or Housing Ads are $50 per 6-month ad. Ads may be renewed at 6-month increments. You can send the appropriate information to


Q. What is the Referrals list, and how can I submit a recommendation?
A. Our Referrals section is a comprehensive listing of over 100 realtors, daycares, lawyers, hair stylists, etc. that have been recommended by house staff members and their significant others. Once a vendor or service is referred, they stay on the site for 3 years, at which time they expire. If you would like to make sure a vendor/service stays on the site, or have a new recommendation to make, please email us at with your name, department (or spouse’s department) and a sentence or two about why you like the service. For new vendors/services, all we need is:

1) Contact information on the business
2) Type of business
3) Your name, department
4) A sentence or two about why you are referring the service

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